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The Charity Event Planning Guide makes events come together more quickly, run more smoothly, meet their potential more readily, be remembered more fondly, and raise money more easily.


The Essential Collection Management Kit A step-by-step, easy-to-use guide to help anyone maintain the key information needed to manage a collection of artifacts.


The Complete Business Planning Guide A step-by-step system to help anyone organize and manage any business activity by using one or more of the 24 freely reproducible forms and simple instructions.

Concentration:  How To Focus on the Business at Hand

New, revised second edition includes an enlightening and entertaining look at the importance of concentration to the successful conduct of every day life,  with discussion of its relationship to a good memory and sound physical conditioning. Book has a variety of easy exercises, some added, to help kids, their parents, and others improve their ability to focus on a subject instantly, sustain attention when there are distractions, and get their minds back on a topic when it wanders.

Don't Take Our Word For It!  Everything You Need to Know About Making Word of Mouth Advertising Work for You -. From the 1998 edition of The Book Reader: "Pssst. Pass it on. This is a helluva book! There, it’s working already. Word of mouth. …gobs of programs that work. Specific ideas for implementing right now. Contrary to the title, you can take [the author’s] word for it. Very effective “secrets” for better advertising."


THE ESSENTIAL PLANNING KIT SERIES   All of the entries in the essential planning kit series are grounded in the same philosophy: That planning is as useful and necessary to the activities of individuals as it is to government agencies, nonprofit groups, and commercial businesses. Planning by individuals can prove to be both easy—when using the specially designed forms we have developed—and fun—when the planning process follows a logical path from start to finish. Planning can also take the stress out of most responsibilities by forcing individuals to take concerns out of their heads and put them on paper. There are currently eight titles—involving cooking, dieting, events, gift-giving, moving, projects, travel, and weddings—in the series with job search, insurance, and spending among the topics being researched.


  The Essential Cooking Planning Kit, 

The Essential Diet Planning Kit, 

The Essential Event Planning Kit,

The Essential Gift Planning Kit, 

  The Essential Moving Planning Kit,

  The Essential Project Planning Kit, 

The Essential Travel Planning Kit ,

The Essential Wedding Planning Kit

The Hottest Ideas in Word of Mouth Advertising This is the 7th and most comprehensive book Godfrey Harris has written on word of mouth advertising. It is a virtual encyclopedia of information about what works in word of mouth advertising, what doesn't, and why it matters.

  How to Generate Word of Mouth Advertising: 101 Ways to Promote Your Business Provides 101 new and creative ideas for generating word of mouth advertising in an easy-to-use recipe format that business people can implement immediately.

Let Your Fingers Do the Talking: Using Word of Mouth Advertising on the Internet   Program Ideas and case studies to get and keep world of mouth conversations going on the Internet.  While everyone agrees that word of mouth advertising is the oldest, most effective, least expensive form of market promotion available, very few understand how the Internet makes it the most efficient as well.

Power Buying: How to Get What You Expect Without Negotiations More than 165 ideas for individual consumers and commercial purchasing officials on how to use their time, money, and contacts to effectively express a need, make a suggestion, ask a question, track a matter, or direct a complaint on the phone, in writing, at meetings, or through a public confrontation. Shows the customers of any business, the clientele of any organization, or the patrons of any government agency how to ensure that they receive the best possible treatment and most advantageous results from any transaction they enter into.

Talk Is Easy: How To Make Every Conversation Payoff. Provides simple to remember techniques on how to start, continue, and complete conversations in both business and social settings. Shows how to become comfortable making conversation with anyone at any time in any situation.

Watch It! The Use Of Body Language In Word Of Mouth Advertising  Provides a basic appreciation of the importance of body language as well as guidance on the use of nonverbal movements, gestures, and signals to convey information that can enhance the emphasis and impact of word of mouth commentary about products, services, places, and events.

  What a Great Idea! 300 money-making and socially sensible concepts to improve business, nonprofit, political and cultural situations in the U.S. and abroad.



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