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Takes readers back to an aspect of their childhood long forgotten in most English-speaking countries - the pleasure of filling in the lines with precision, the fun of choosing the colors to use, the decisions about whether a pen, pencil, marker, or crayon would be better to work with, the day dreaming about the people outlined in the picture, and lots more. All of this remains vitally important in Japan - where a museum has been established to understand and preserve the best examples of picture coloring



Japanese religious scholar and author Yuji Sano describes fascinating historic links between Jewish theology and Shinto mythology, along with uncovered tantalizing clues indicating that the God of the New Testament is a different deity than the God of the Old Testament. Alternative sources are mined to expose stunning topographic changes, effecting major global land masses set to occur in 2010 that could offer the basis for a renewal of the former close Jewish connections to Japan.    


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