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This book arises out of a discussion about Leonardo da Vinci, particularly the remarkable contrast between how Leonardo courted failure and how modern parents tend to shield their children from it. The conversation led to the realization that protecting kids against failure was like trying to prevent waves breaking on a beach. It is not only impossible, it could also prove harmful.




Failure in all of its various forms tends to be seen by many cultures today as a matter of shame and embarrassment, rather than as an opportunity for learning and improvement. Failure is a blot on careers, a barrier to fame, and an impediment to riches. The most troubling aspect of this change in attitude from the High Renaissance to the 21st Century is that failure remains as natural to the human condition as breathing. Despite this, many parents seem to be doing whatever they can to shield their kids from the impact that any failure might have on their psyches, self-esteem, and/or future plans.

The authors have decided that if kids could learn how to deal with some of the consequences of failure and parents could learn how to help their kids cope with some of the effects of failure, they would make a small contribution to the future progress of our society. In short, as someone else aptly put it, they wanted to put the "oomph" back in the "try" that results in triumph.

ISBN:      978-0-935047-66-0

LC NUMBER:      2008021276

PRICE:     $15.95

PUBLICATION:     Softbound - 6 3/4" x 9 1/2" (170mm x 240mm) - 128 pages - Color - Illustrations- Index


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