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The Essential DIET Planning Kit

Eleven easy-to-use, freely reproducible forms and simple instructions—developed by a professional planner and a board-certified family physician—to keep track of every detail and plan every aspect of a successful eating program—on goal, without stress, and within budget 

Don't even think about starting an eating program for weight loss and better health.


Godfrey Harris has been a public policy consultant based in Los Angeles, California, since 1968. He began consulting after serving as a university lecturer, U.S. Army intelligence officer, U.S. foreign service officer with the Department of State, an organizational specialist in President Lyndon Johnson’s Executive Office, and as program manager for an international financial company in Geneva. In all of these positions, Harris experienced a number of episodes of weight losses—when he served in the Army—and weight increases—when he lived in Europe and traveled constantly. As President of Harris/Ragan Management Group, Harris has focused the firm’s activities on projects that offer alternative solutions to matters of community concern. This is the 43rd book he has written on his own or with associates. He holds degrees from Stanford University and the University of California, Los Angeles.

JEFFREY I. BARKE, M.D., has been a board-certified family physician in Newport Beach, California, since 1993. As such he has dealt with hundreds of patients with various weight and eating problems, first as part of a large family practice and now as a Senior Partner of Newport Medical Consultants (, a personal physician practice devoted to family medicine. Dr. Barke attended the University of Southern California and the University of California, Irvine, Medical School. He now teaches at the school as an Assistant Clinical Professor. Dr. Barke is a member of the board of the Orange County Medical Association, an elected member of the Hoag Memorial Hospital Medical Executive Committee, an Expert Medical Reviewer for the Medical Board of California, and a frequent speaker before medical groups on such primary-care diseases as depression, migraine headaches, allergic diseases, and asthma. He is an avid surfer and skier. Dr. Barke is married and has two children.

ISBN 0-935047-45-X

PRICE $8.95

PUBLISHER: The Americas Group, 520 S. Sepulveda Blvd., Suite 204, Los Angeles, CA 90049-3534 USA (310) 476-6374


PUBLICATION Softbound—9 1/8" x 6 1/4"— Landscape style —

60 pages—ELEVEN reproducible forms


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