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Program ideas and case studies to get and keep word of mouth conversations going on the Internet. This is the authorís fourth book on word of mouth advertising. While everyone agrees that word of mouth advertising is the oldest, most effective, least expensive form of market promotion available, very few understand how the Internet makes it the most efficient as well..

Let Your Fingers Do The Talking
From the BookReader Review for Summer 2000

"Just about the best book around for selling on the internet. The secret? It's as old as jungle drums and smoke signals. But many entrepreneurs in cyberspace gloss right over it. It's word of mouth.

"Most people believe what a friend tells them (but) few people understand the synergistic power of word of mouth advertising and the Internet."

" Harris shows how to develop powerful messages that make things happen. Not just new sales. New Customers. He taught thousands how to use conventional media to capitalize on these promotional techniques. This book, his fourth, zeros in on e-business. The author's cache of savvy and experience is megabytes big, and he reveals how to use the Web and Net for impact without spamming. How to start and keep conversations going on the Net, build loyalty, design contests and surveys, establish an identity, capture global business, parlay testimonials into results. How to get customers to cheerfully generate sales."

 "The satisfied customer becomes an expert. What a difference this can make. The buyer has a peer to discuss the product with, not a salesman." Harris emphasizes how important it is to have a positive message that has substantial impact on the receiver. And he's not talking about buzz or gossip. It's got to involve "person to person communication between individuals who have connections to each other." His basic rule? Make something exciting enough, special enough, to get people talking about it with their friends. The kicker? Word of mouth always has been least expensive and most effective. With these cyber secrets it's also the most efficient way to legitimately pitch products or services on the Net. Harris shows how to avoid being a pest, how to "think promotional," how to use these programs that work. Now! Get the word out!

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