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Word of mouth advertising is recognized as the oldest, least expensive, and most effective form of market promotion available. While it can be more productive than media advertising, public relations, and product packaging in generating sales, few understand how to launch and sustain a planned word of mouth program. The Hottest Ideas in Word of Mouth Advertising is the author’s seventh and most comprehensive book on the topic, a virtual encyclopedia of what works, what doesn’t, what’s fake, and why. More than 300 new, easy-to-implement, low cost, practical ways to use word of mouth advertising in promoting any product, service, idea, or event.


  Exchange Want Ads [Washington State]

July 23, 2004 "Anybody who comes in contact with advertising on a professional level—sales representatives, marketing professionals, small business owners, corporate types, etc.—will get a boost out of this instructional effort. In the advertising business all informed participants realize that word of mouth referrals are great for sales. This book confirms that realization and gives a different perspective to the business. [It] is well worth reading, especially for the notes and anecdotes." Signed by Bob Howdy, PhD


ISBN:     0-935047-50-6
PRICE:    $17.95

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