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The startling revelations and meaning behind an Italian musicologist's discoveries that Leonardo hid a musical score, Hebrew prayer, and image of his Mother in The Last Supper.

The author has discovered a 12-measure musical score composed for the organ and created by the positions of the bread, hands, and fruit depicted in Leonardo da Vinci's painting of The Last Supper. In the course of uncovering the musical notes, the author found Hebrew letters hidden in the spaces separating the Apostles which offer a prayer to the world. The authors also hold that the face of St. John in the famous fresco is not a portrait of Mary Magdalene, as Dan Brown would have us believe in the Da Vinci Code, but that of Leonardo's mother, Caterina


Giovanni Maria Pala is an author, musician, and musicologist. He was born in Ozieri, on the island of Sardinia, on December 11, 1961. His first approach to music was not until he was 18-years-old, but he quickly exhibited a gifted ear and technical talent with almost any instrument. While playing drums in various bands and teaching drums in private schools, he studied different musical genres: jazz, fusion, Latin, Afro, rock, ethnic, and more. He took part in seminars and playing sessions with such famous artists as Paolo Fresu, Billy Cobham, Dave Weckl, Vinnie Colaiuta, Steve Smith, Max Roach, and Tony Williams. Pala was awarded the 1999 “Golden Lion” prize (in the Ethnic Music category) at the Venice Festival. He is also the author of La Musica Celata published in 2007.

Loredana Mazzarella is an artist and  the wife of Giovanni Pala. They have one son and now live southeast of Rome near to where she was born in Narḍ (Apulia) on March 6, 1972. She  demonstrated a strong interest in drawing from the age of 12,  and was introduced to classical oil painting by Sebastiano Greco, a Salento master. After graduating from the Liceo in Lecce, Mazzarella attended the Art School in Narḍ before receiving her degree in Painting from the Fine Arts Academy in 2004. She has contributed to several personal and joint exhibitions since 1996. She continues to paint in a classical figurative style


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