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Provides a basic appreciation of the importance of body language as well as guidance on the use of nonverbal movements, gestures, and signals to convey information that can enhance the emphasis and impact of word of mouth commentary about products, services, places, and events.

After writing four books on the subject of word of mouth advertising, Godfrey Harris was stunned to see some pretty convincing evidence that most people pay less attention to what is being said than how it is said. It was not long before he realized that the research was suggesting that the gestures used, the enthusiasm demonstrated, the posture exhibited‚ ”in short, the body language employed‚ ”would do more to convince listeners than all the words flowing from a person's lips. As a result, he looked at how body language might be used in support of a word of mouth campaign. This book is the result of his thinking on the topic and adds an entirely new dimension to word of mouth advertising.

WATCH IT! By Godfrey Harris. The Americas Group. The Use of Body Language in Word of Mouth Advertising. That sound in the background is Godfrey Harris bubbling with ideas. The third book in a series dedicated to studying various aspects of word of mouth advertising: "How to read and use body language when words are not the only, or perhaps even the best, way to convey a message or express a point of view." Rules of the road: observe, link, analyze. "Did you ring your thumb and forefinger into a circle to indicate ‚ ˜OK,‚ ™ and then waggle your hand forward and back in a quick motion to signal your agreement?" Harris‚ ™ mind is fertile: he uses the words from Taps, interprets simple body language, even gives a fascinating (and funny) pop quiz based on George Stephanopoulous‚ ™ book on Bill Clinton. How to spot the buyers and separate them from the mere lookers. Practice, practice: "Did you notice how just tiny changes in muscle movements seem to make all the difference in what is being conveyed in a facial expression?" Don't be subtle: "Let your gestures and movements be seen and let others react to them more than to your words." Important: "Be creative, be original, be daring; in short, do anything that is re-MARK-able." The spirit of body language as applied to the Internet. Watch It! is a little book about big ideas: using nonverbal communications to understand and to sell. Harris is very good: lucid, funny, and right on the money. The Book Reader Spring/Summer 2001

ISBN:     0-935047-33-6
PRICE:    $14.95

PUBLISHER: The Americas Group, 520 S. Sepulveda Blvd., Suite 204, Los Angeles, CA 90049-3534 USA (310) 476-6374


PUBLICATION:    Softbound--6" x 9"--128 pages--Bibliography--Indexed 

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