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bookards™ offer a unique way to present a

gift book and a gift box all in one smart package


New product combines the convenience of a gift card with the elegance of pretty

wrapping paper to make gift books as presentable as fine jewelry.





Los Angeles -- Can you imagine Tiffany's dropping a piece of just-purchased fine jewelry to the bottom of a plastic bag and handing it to their customers? Hardly. Once a transaction of any size has been completed at this and other fine retailers, the articles acquired are nearly always elegantly packaged in a signature box, branded paper, or special bag for presentation to the eventual recipient.


                        But books are different, still mired in their 15th century origins. While the rest of the world is bathed in color — from daily newspapers to computer monitors to television screens to cellphone displays — most books remain stolidy black and white just as Herr Gutenberg created them in the 15th century. Books sold at retail today are still packaged liked carrots from a corner vegetable stall — dumped unceremoniously as they come from the shelf in a brown paper sack and handed to the customer without further thought.


                        If a book is to be a gift — as so many are today — it is nearly always wrapped in fancy paper as it comes: with all of the telltale contours and indentations that proclaim it as a book. No one, including any three year old, has the slightest doubt when handed such a package what its contents are. While some expensive and oversized volumes do come in slipcases, they are usually included for protection during shipment, rather than as a matter of presentation creativity.


                        The contents of every book should be a mystery before it is read. Shouldn't the same intrigue, anticipation, and excitement extend to its packaging as well? Enter BooKard™ — a self-contained book packaging concept from The Americas Group. BooKard™ features a protective multi-sided cardboard sleeve for the book, surrounded by leafs that offer inspirational thoughts, back stories related to the book, a place for a message to the recipient, and more.


                        A BooKard™ offers publishers and booksellers a way to sell both the sizzle and the steak with added value for greater profit — but at no greater price than the cost of a gift card and the book itself. For more information on this innovative developing for the book trade and specialty markets, go to to learn how you can have a custom BooKard™ for your next bestseller or incorporate one of BooKard’s™ basic designs into the marketing of some of your current titles.


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