European Union Almanac

Foreword: This book was originally created as an aid to improving international communications and published in another form in 1994 as a joint undertaking of the Translation and Interpreting Services of the Swedish Trade Council and the International Assignment Service of the Norwegian Trade Council.

As a result of the recent growth of the European Union, the book has been expanded and re-focused to the specific communication needs and information interests of North American business people involved in international commerce.

Table of Contents: European Union Almanac

Background on the European Union
European Union Organization
Members of the Executive Commission
Directorates-General/Other Commission Offices
Presidency of the European Council and Council of Ministers
Weighted Voting in the Council of Ministers
The European Parliament
The European Court
European Union Income Sources
European Union Budget Outlays
Comparative Sources and Outlays of U.S. Government Funds
Preamble to the Maastricht Treaty on European Union/Treaty Notes
Future Issues Facing the European Union
Statistical Data on the Union
Statistical Data on Individual Members
Glossary of EU Terms
The EU Compared to Other Trading Blocs/World Trade Organization
Principal Regional Trading and Economic Blocs
European Union Public Holidays
European Union Telephone Codes
European Time Zones/Retail Closing Times
European Union Identification Codes and Abbreviations
Directory of Official Organizations
Directory of Sources of Support
Directory of EU Member Embassies in the United States

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