The Fascination of Ivory: Its Place In Our World

If you can afford only one book on IVORY, this is the one worth having!

"...informative and delightfully conversational at the same time. It is high time such a book exists. "
JAMES DAVID DRAPER Curator of European Sculpture and Decorative Arts, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

"This wonderful book, like the pieces ... it describes ... gleams with interesting detail." SUSAN ROGERS Literary critic, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore

"...puts the subject of ivory into an understandable and informative perspective."
BARBARA MAYER Freelance journalist, Los Angeles

"A great addition to the world of collecting." GEORGE MOSS Collector, author, and historian, Rumson, New Jersey

"Written with verve, lucidity and intelligence... a splendid achievement... invaluable for any reference library."
A. ALLEN DIZIK, FASID Author, Concise Encyclopedia of Interior Design, Los Angeles


"What [is] there about ivory that caused its use in a wide variety of religious, decorative, and functional articles and that impelled the development of so many natural and synthetic substitutes?"

"Ivory .. has always been in the pantheon of precious materials ... coveted for its innate beauty, scarce supply, and special properties. [I]t has been etched into illustrations, carved into jewelry, shaped into decorative designs ... sculpted into representations- of other things and ... used for a number of practical ... purposes. "

"Coal-fueled steam energy [created] ... rich entrepreneurs. To occupy themselves [they took to] ... playing billiards, learning the piano, and eating elaborate meals ... all requir[ing] an enormous amount of ivory. "

"...from earliest times man recognized that ivory tended to survive after so many other substances had either disintegrated or faded into obscurity.

"Why would an ivory container, shaped like a knife box, be made to house a pewter thimble?"

"The real importance of understanding the use of ivory lies in protecting elephants from the extinction that has threatened them in the past.


GODFREY HARRIS has been collecting objects made from or with ivory since 1948 when he accompanied his father to England on an antique buying trip. That experience not only began a lifelong quest for unusual pieces, but it impelled him toward a career in international affairs. Harris has been President of Harris/Ragan Management Group, an international public policy consulting firm - with offices in Los Angeles, Washington, London, and Panama - for the past 23 years. Before joining the firm, Harris served assignments as a U.S. diplomat in Europe, Africa, and Latin America; as an Army intelligence officer, and as a university instructor.

His personal collection, consisting of more than 1000 pieces in the collection made from or with ivory, is considered one of the most comprehensive such private collections in the United States.

Author: Godfrey Harris
ISBN No. 0-935047-04-02
Softbound - 6" x 9" - 128 pages
66 photographs (12 in color)
Pricing Guide - Bibliography - Index
Published in 1991

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