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Promoting International Tourism
To The Year 2000 and Beyond

Second edition of what has been termed the single most useful text in the field of international tourism marketing includes a host of fresh examples and practical ideas to demonstrate how every element of the book's comprehensive 10-step program works and how each can be implemented. Long considered an essential reference source for the book shelves of every local government tourism office, visitor authority, convention center, chamber of commerce, university library, and the front offices of hotel chains, transportation companies, and travel specialists.

Authors: Godfrey Harris / Kenneth M. Katz
Binding: Softbound
Pages: 224
Features: Charts - Illustrated -Syllabus
ISBN: 0-935047-20-4
(C)1996 224 pages Softbound 5 3/8" x 8 3/8"

Promoting International Tourism BUSINESS PUNCH
(Kingston, Jamaica) September 3-16, 1996

"This book-a most useful exposition on how a community or agency can go about conceptualizing, designing, delivering, and promoting a successful tourism package-is a must read."

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